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Incredible Art Made From Food

You may be wondering, as you read this article, “didn’t their mothers ever teach them not to play with their food?” But reserve judgment until you see the absolute masterpieces that the following artists have managed to create from simple foods you can find in the kitchen. By the end, you’ll be wishing you had [...]

Brass Meets Bricks: 20 Steampunk LEGO Creations

Love Steampunk? Adore Legos? Steampunk and LEGO? It may seem an incongruous combination being that LEGO is plastic and Steampunk harkens back to the age of brass & wood. Pressing on regardless, legions of LEGO-maniacs have employed the versatile bricks to create stunning scenes of Steampunk glory.

(image via: Dunechaser)
Fancy a ride on the HMAS Fearless? [...]

Art of War: 20 Awesome Gun and Bullet Artworks

There are artists who work with paint and clay, and then there are artists who create bizarre and thought-provoking art from slightly less conventional materials to prove a point. This collection features sculptures made from guns and bullets, high-speed bullet photography, illustrations of what happens when bullets pierce flesh and even drawings made by shooting [...]

445 Fantastic Furniture, Furnishing & Fixture Designs

Make room: the art of furniture making has expanded dramatically with advent of ever-new technologies and the extension of mass-production to furnishings and fixtures. Combining aesthetically awesome concepts with the most amazing materials and the latest gadgetry, these furniture designers are pushing the envelope on everything from everyday chairs, beds and tables to mirrors, rugs [...]

7 Beautiful Bathtubs and Bathroom Collections

Showers, bathtubs, etc., are no longer plumbing fixtures. They are pieces of beautifully designed and carefully crafted furniture that aren’t just meant to be utilitarian, they are meant to complement your personality and facilitate your lifestyle. The following collection is sometimes intricate, sometimes minimalist, but always beautiful and practical.

Gruppo Treesse - Milo

(source: gruppotreesse)
Another design by [...]

20 Cool (& Creepy) Urban Vinyl Collectibles

(source: artoyzflickr)
If you’re a fan of comic books, action figures, or are generally a geek, then you’re probably already aware of Urban Vinyl - the art of collecting vinyl figures. These figures, though referred to as ‘toys’ aren’t meant to be played with, and are really more art than toys. Here’s a look at some [...]

WebUrbanist: Top 10 Urbtastic Articles of 2008

Worried you might have missed something from the world’s most popular urban publication? Have no fear, this article will guide you through the most popular WebUrbanist articles of the year, from terrific tree houses and and insane architectural geniuses to great street graffiti and fantastic transforming furniture. We will also direct you to some of [...]

21 Radical Rugs and Must-See Mat Designs

There has never been anything simple about rugs. Once the highest sign of ostentation and one of the standard units of international trade, the status of rugs has been hit hard in the age of uncritical mass-production - little more than something to wipe your feet on. But now? From relaxing rolling terrain to monsters [...]

The Ultimate Banksy Art & Graffiti Gallery

Banksy is well known around the world in no small part due to his massive popularity online. Banksy art has made its way into all kinds of nooks and crannies on the internet but few collections are anything close to comprehensive (and in many cases are not even coherent). Most are difficult to navigate and [...]

Amazing Aquariums and Fish Tank Designs

(source: thailandbeach)
Fish are one of the most under-appreciated pets that one can own. Tell anyone that you have pet fish and they’ll ask you why you chose something so insanely boring. Well, as any fishkeeper will tell you, that is far from the truth. Not only are fish great pets that can recognize their owners, [...]