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Life’s A Gas: Vienna’s Recycled, Repurposed Gasometers

Vienna’s Gaswerk Simmering is a mixed-use community comprised of four former gasometers built in the 1890s. Originally built to store Town Gas for the city’s stoves, street lights and furnaces, these repurposed gasometers satisfy the needs of modern urban life while preserving the antique architecture of old Austro-Hungary.

I, Rubikcubist: 30 Twisted Works Of Rubik’s Cube Art

Rubik’s Cubes are meant to be solved, right? Wrong - the art of cubing takes on a different meaning under the 8-bit eyes of Invader. Twisting dozens, even hundreds of Rubik’s Cubes into precise patterns of pixelated pointillism, Invader updates artistic techniques pioneered by Picasso, Duchamps, Seurat and others into a new and distinctly modern form: Rubikcubism.

Attracting Stairs: 10 Extremely Elevating Escalators

Escalators… these effortless inclined elevators have moved millions over the past century yet are usually dismissed as utilitarian urban appliances. Not so - escalators today exhibit a multitude of designs and many display unexpected design features. These 10 extreme escalators are a step ahead in pedestrian transportation and as triumphs of civil engineering ensure nothing is “lift” behind.

VW RV FTW: The Amusing, Amazing Beetle MiniHome!

Custom cars, trucks and recreational vehicles were all the rage during the 1960s and 1970s but certain “carhouses” crossed the line into outrageousness as they criss-crossed the country. Among the most eyebrow-raising of the bunch was a VW Beetle RV conversion known variously as the Bugaroo or the MiniHome.

Narrower Towers: 20 Of Japan’s Thinnest Buildings

Thin is in! When land is expensive or in short supply - or both, as is the case in Japan’s major metropolises - smart real estate developers don’t get down, they look up. These 20 tall thin Japanese buildings show what happens when builders shoot stories upwards to get the most bang for their yen.

Collage Kid: Amazing Anamorphosis Art of Bernard Pras

Bernard Pras has anamorphosis and he wants to give it to you… well, show it to you at least. Anamorphosis is the art of stacking objects on a piece of canvas or a photograph, and Pras is a master at creating sum-thing special from a whole lotta parts.

Icebound: 10 Amazing Antarctica Abandonments

Antarctica - this huge, frozen continent is bitterly cold, inhospitable as Mars and as far from civilization as any place on the planet. Just getting there has been a struggle; staying there has been near impossible. These 10 amazing Antarctic abandonments, frozen in time as well as in place, bear mute testimony to mankind’s perseverance in mastering Earth’s true final frontier.

Frank Frazetta: Art That Bridges Past And Future

Frank Frazetta (1928-2010), perhaps more than any modern artist, managed to bridge the gap between past and future while bringing both to brilliant life in the present. Evoking primal emotion, potent eroticism and essential human values, Frazetta’s portrayals of powerful heroes and voluptuous heroines set in spectacular scenic vistas set the tone for today’s revival of the visual imaginary arts.

10 South African Stadiums Of The 2010 FIFA World Cup

The 2010 FIFA World Cup scheduled to take place June 11th June through July 11th is the first to be held on the continent of Africa. Though many have expressed doubts that South Africa can successfully host an event of this magnitude, an in-depth look at the 10 spectacular stadiums selected as game venues is sure to surprise and impress sports fans the world over.

Global Cola: 10 Pepsi-Cola Flavors You Can’t Get Here

The “Cola Wars” have gone global, with battles for soft drink supremacy being waged around the world with flavors you wouldn’t think would be possible. This post looks at Pepsi-Cola, a huge multinational corporation that’s trying harder and harder to catch up to number one, Coca-Cola. How hard are they trying? These bizarre Pepsi flavors and the creative advertising used to sell them give a good indication.