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Archives: Steph


Towards a New Antarchitecture: Tiny Worlds in Ice

As the last continent on Earth to be explored – and still the least developed – Antarctica may yet fall prey to the onward march of human civilization, but its lack of resources beyond ice make it an inhospitable place to build. Architecture student Taylor Medlin of the University of California at Berkeley has developed [...]

Hidden Logos: 12 Creative Designs with Secret Symbols

A logo is a company’s most visible piece of visual branding, stamped on everything from billboards to promotional pens. But sometimes, you can stare at a familiar design again and again before noticing small but delightful hidden symbols, meaning and even messages. From binary code to the clever combination of interlocking shapes, these 12 logos [...]

Livable Packing Tape Web Installation is Spideriffic

It’s a spider web so large, a human family could set up furniture and make a home inside of it. But this stunningly sticky creation is no work of nightmarish monster spiders – it’s an art installation made of packing tape by design collective For Use/Numen.

With its long, hollow tubes suspended five feet in the [...]

Mysteries of Math: Unsolved Problems & Unexplained Patterns

Math isn’t just mysterious because the majority of us find it so difficult to understand – it’s also the basis of the universe, giving us clues to physical phenomena like the motion of gases in the atmosphere and the way that physical particles interact with each other amid all the possible variables in three-dimensional space. [...]

No Dearth of Darth: 100 Artistic Versions of Vader

Basic black is classic, especially for a villain – but does it ever get old? There’s no telling what Darth Vader would think about the artistic and sometimes ironic makeovers his helmet has been given by the 100 artists participating in the Vader Project. Anime Darth, Spy vs. Spy Darth, Lady Liberty Darth and plenty [...]

Real Ghost Ships: 10 Mysterious Abandoned Sea Vessels

A lot of things can happen at sea – pirates, mutiny, murder and bad weather not to mention (if you’re so inclined) alien abductions, clashes with sea monsters and the mysterious workings of the Bermuda Triangle.  So perhaps it’s no wonder so many ships have turned up without their crew or passengers – but where’s [...]

Manga News: Current Events in Comic Strip Format

How do you make a politician’s latest speech interesting enough to grab the attention of a visually-oriented generation raised on comic books? Make it into Manga. Japanese website ‘Manga No Shimbun‘ presents the day’s current events in comic strip format – from the release of the new iPhone to the story of that smoking Sumatran [...]

Signal or Noise: 8 Mysterious Unsolved Sounds

(images via: darkf666, qaz2008, paulboutros)
Did aliens try to send us a message in 1977? Is some mythical, nightmarish sea monster responsible for the bizarre ocean sound known as ‘The Bloop’? Could an enigmatic Russian radio signal be transmitting encoded messages to spies? The world is full of sounds, but some stand out, especially when they’re [...]

Provocative Photography and Ads by Carioca Studio

It’s not every day that you come across an absolutely stunning and somewhat disturbing series of photos entitled “Golden Pig and Bitches”. But you never know what you’re going to get from Romanian art collective Carioca Studio, a group of professionals that produce astoundingly creative and well-crafted ads, campaigns and projects.

Carioca’s work may range from [...]

Cryptic Codes: 11 Legendary Uncracked Ciphers

From five lines of letters scrawled on the back of a dead man’s book to the taunting codes sent to police by the Zodiac Killer, some of history’s most legendary uncracked codes and ciphers represent a fascinating and frustrating challenge even for the world’s brightest cryptographers. Could the Beale Papers lead to buried treasure? How [...]