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WebUrbanist Fanbase Artist Showcase - Part 2

Welcome to part two of our fanbase artist showcase.  We often get emails from artists wanting to have their works showcased on the site and therefore we have started this monthly feature to give back to our incredibly talented community. Please enjoy the part two of these features and if you would like your work [...]

WebUrbanist Fanbase Artist Showcase - Part 1

Over the past year and a half the WebUrbanist readership has continued to grow at a very healthy pace. The site that started as a hobby has fast become one of the most-read online publications and along the way has even been selected by the Google Reader Blog as a staff favorite. The site’s readership [...]

39 Incredibly Adorable Finger Puppets and DIY Toys

(source: jennifer barnard)
Why have your child or a young relative grow up with the overly complicated, often violent, generic and mass produced toys on the marketing when you can keep it simple, fresh, and unique with finger puppets and toys you can make at home? With no moving parts, no choking hazard, and cheap and [...]

14 Wonderful Works of Push-Pin & Thumbtack Art

(sources: foster, bambino, rknickme)
There are an unimaginably large number of extremely talented artists creating extraordinary works of art from ordinary objects. Here we explore one such group of artists whose ordinary objects of choice are thumbtacks and pushpins.

Push-Pin Mario World

(source: ranadok)
These images are from the third iteration of a project that took approximately two and [...]

Incredible Art Made From Food

You may be wondering, as you read this article, “didn’t their mothers ever teach them not to play with their food?” But reserve judgment until you see the absolute masterpieces that the following artists have managed to create from simple foods you can find in the kitchen. By the end, you’ll be wishing you had [...]

7 Beautiful Bathtubs and Bathroom Collections

Showers, bathtubs, etc., are no longer plumbing fixtures. They are pieces of beautifully designed and carefully crafted furniture that aren’t just meant to be utilitarian, they are meant to complement your personality and facilitate your lifestyle. The following collection is sometimes intricate, sometimes minimalist, but always beautiful and practical.

Gruppo Treesse - Milo

(source: gruppotreesse)
Another design by [...]

20 Cool (& Creepy) Urban Vinyl Collectibles

(source: artoyzflickr)
If you’re a fan of comic books, action figures, or are generally a geek, then you’re probably already aware of Urban Vinyl - the art of collecting vinyl figures. These figures, though referred to as ‘toys’ aren’t meant to be played with, and are really more art than toys. Here’s a look at some [...]

Amazing Aquariums and Fish Tank Designs

(source: thailandbeach)
Fish are one of the most under-appreciated pets that one can own. Tell anyone that you have pet fish and they’ll ask you why you chose something so insanely boring. Well, as any fishkeeper will tell you, that is far from the truth. Not only are fish great pets that can recognize their owners, [...]

World’s Most Expensive Toilets and Washrooms

(source: miss_gruviera)
Ranging from thousands of dollars to millions of dollars, the following toilets aren’t necessarily comfortable, they aren’t necessarily beautiful, and they aren’t necessarily ones you can afford. For some reason or another they all exist and now you can learn a little more about them and perhaps be a feel a little envious in [...]