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Archives: Mike


Gray-Sky Thinking: 15 Uniquely Modern Umbrella Designs

Umbrellas have come a long way since the first scraps of material arranged to keep the rain off – and nowadays, they have evolved into the elegantly designed multi-spindled construction we’re so familiar with…and, well, bored with. Isn’t it about time umbrellas became fun again? From the best in pugilistic umbrella-mayhem to the sweetest way [...]

The Future Sounds Like This: 10 Magnificently Modern Musical Instruments

The study of musical instruments (’organology’ – no, really) is the study of the human condition. Every culture is defined by its own distinctive set of trills, whistles, parps, honks and beats, and every corner of the world has evolved its own location-specific indigenous instrument to renew a sense of cultural identity through noisy self-expression. [...]

7 Wonders Of The Modern Shipping World

For those who think that the glory-days of boat-building are over, think again – for there are modern-day Brunels, eager to build the next generation of ocean-faring superstructures. Here are 7 wondrous examples of epic modern ship design, from passenger liner to man o’ war, from staggeringly large to stealthily small – all demonstrating that [...]

Enthused and Infused: 19 New Directions For Teapot Design

What could be more welcoming than a pot of tea in the morning? (Coffee drinkers, you are not allowed to answer that). From its humble beginnings in ancient China, the teapot has gone from obscurity to the height of luxury and finally to worldwide ubiquity, embedding itself firmly in the English language (”as useless as [...]

Den of Daydreams: 8 Fantastical Make-Believe Makeovers

While many of us go for a functionalist, pick’n’mix approach to home decor (”I need curtains: oh, that will do” etc.), let us be upstanding for the financially brave, creatively passionate and unashamedly geeky souls who transform their homes into miniature versions of their favorite corners of modern culture, as these 8 thoroughly unique examples [...]

“Should It Be Doing That?”: 13 More Amazing Buildings In Motion

Buildings should be rock-solid steady under our feet, surely? Our instincts certainly tell us so – but perhaps someone should tell the current wave of architects and designers who seem so intent on rocking our world in a more literal sense than we’re used to. Have a look at these 13 more examples of buildings [...]

Starting at the End: 12 New Cities Built From Scratch

A good city, like a good wine, needs time to develop. As any Civilization-playing geek knows, it takes decades or centuries to turn a cluster of villages into a living, breathing metropolis. It cannot happen overnight. Or can it? Here are 12 urban centres that offer a radical alternative to the traditional model of urban [...]

Alarming Technology: 18 Weird New Ways to Wake Up

The best morning alarm in the world is a sneaky elbow in the ribs – but if you are a singleton or have a partner even more sleepy-headed than yourself, you will be the owner of a digital waking assistant, better known as an alarm clock. If you are naturally a late riser this will [...]

Don’t Look Down: 10 Peculiarly Precarious Modern Buildings

The world’s worst skyscraper disaster is still fresh in our minds, and every year sees a new calamity in our global obsession with building storey after storey, higher and higher. You would think that all architects would be careful to  make their buildings look as stable as mountains. You’d be wrong. Thanks to modern building [...]

12 Video Games That Help You Get A Life

Tired of headlines like these? “Gamers most likely to suddenly die in the street”, “Warcraft Ate My Boyfriend” and so on? Us too. Ever since video gaming leapt from nerdy male-only, teen-only pastime into the socially diverse billion-dollar industry it is today, it has struggled to shake off a reputation for stunting our development. Let [...]