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Pool or Beach? The Summer Dilemma

A trip to the pool or beach is practically mandatory to beat the summer heat, and dragging the same dented bucket for playing in the sand, and swinging the typical ratty towel over your shoulder, just gets old. Spice up your summer with some of these awesomely creative inventions and accessories:

(Images via infobarrel, inewidea, uniquedaily, [...]

Rube Goldberg Machines: Making the Simple, Complicated

Rube Goldberg was a cartoonist who loved to draw incredibly complicated machines designed to complete wonderfully simple tasks. Incarnations of Rube Goldberg machines have been featured in films, commercials, and competitions, because of their mesmerizing and entertaining function. Here are 10 examples of Rube Goldberg’s enduring oddball legacy:

(Images via cartype, xenvideo, redyak, harryallen)
Honda’s [...]

Amy Casey: Painter of Precarious Worlds

Amy Casey is a painter and Cleveland native who has a style all her own. Her pieces are of tangled, rickety, and unstable worlds that are unreal enough to excite the imagination, but realistic enough to hit home. With events in the last decade as any indication, today’s society feels increasingly insecure, as if everything [...]

Vintage Ads: Women and the Home

Society and advertising have not always been kind to women; they still aren’t. From the subtle to the outrageous, vintage ads are a great window into the past that entertain, shock, and surprise. Here are nearly 40 advertising examples culled from the golden age of magazine and newspaper advertising:

(Images via bradruggles, oddee, oddee, bmpr)
Some [...]

Retrofuturistic: Randy Regier’s Vintage Toys of the Future

You may not have heard of Randy Regier yet, but you’ll be glad you did. This Maine based artist creates amazing works in a faux retro style that shows a high regard for the reckless optimism and futurism of post war America. Randy handcrafts toys and creates humorous packaging that exemplifies a bygone era in [...]

The Death Penalty: 10 Brutal Means of Execution

The death penalty is a hotly contested political debate, but it wasn’t always so controversial. Executions have been the ultimate punishment in societies since humanity formed even the semblance of civilization. The means of execution has been incredibly brutal and varied, and here are 10 of the most intense, terrifying, and violent means of execution:

Walking [...]

1920s Vintage Ads: Marketing in a Roaring Post-War World

The roaring twenties were a time of great prosperity, as the economy boomed after World War I. The nation was intent on having fun; a jazz obsession swept the nation, and prohibition did little to dampen the national spirit. Advertising at the time reflected the wealth of the nation, and a naivete and optimism that [...]

Used Tires: Recycled Tire Rubber Art and Design

Tires are boring. Except for the occasional horror experienced when one bursts or hits a nail, they’re simply an additional expense for your car. It’s amazing then, to see how many uses, both functional and aesthetic, that hard rubber can be bent toward. Here are some of the most innovative and artistic recycled tires you’ve [...]

36 Breathtaking Steampunk Computer Mods

As steampunk connoisseurs and hobbyists become veterans at their craft, they’ve been increasingly turning their cog-loving eyes toward their most modern fixtures: their computer and accessories. These artisans have always had a field day retro fitting their keyboards, but monitors, mouses, and flash drives are all becoming targets of the steampunk obsessed. Take a look [...]

37 Sand Sculptures that Make Your Castle Look Sad

A small shovel and a pail for sand are the typical beach goer’s adventure kit, but some people take their sand castles a bit more seriously. With ladders, and teams of workers, sand sculptors travel to the most exotic beaches around the world creating towering art and hoping for fair weather. The creations they come [...]