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Archives: Angie


House on the Rock: Manic Mishmash of Mechanical Mayhem

Get ready for sensory overload. Check your sanity at the door. House on the Rock is a manic mishmash of mechanical mayhem. Much like stepping into Oz, only in Wisconsin, a tour through House on the Rock is like something from a drug-induced haze. Some visitors love the bizarreness and some hate it, but here [...]

Abandoned: School’s Out For Summer. School’s Out Forever!

One of the sweetest sounds to students is when that last bell in the last class rings to signal school is out for summer. In the words of Alice Cooper, “Out for summer. Out till fall. We might not go back at all.” No one will return for classes to these schools; they are out [...]

Memorial Day Tribute: Tales From Creepy Abandoned Crypts

Crypts are stone chambers or vaults beneath a church usually used as burial vaults. In more modern times, family vaults were built aboveground in cemeteries and are usually referred to as mausoleums. When a cemetery or a church is abandoned, these decrepit crypts and the people buried in them are all but forgotten. In a [...]

Don’t Know Jack About Construction? 14 Fabulous DIY Castles

Don’t you hate it when someone tells you that you don’t know diddly squat, don’t know jack? Does it make you more determined than ever to succeed? Do you not tell anyone and continue building your dream in secret? Are those dreams ever as big as building a castle? Each of these 14 castles were [...]

LOST Tribute: Fantastic To Freaky LOST-themed Fan Art [PICS]

Namaste! The LOST TV series has inspired people from around the globe to create some of the best fan made art ever! For six years, Lost fans have included amazingly talented artists with Lost-themed vision, incredible creativity, and an insatiable appetite for the island’s mysteries. Lost fans are now somewhere in-between a frenzy to having fun. Here is a huge [...]

Real-Life Skynet? Modern Android & Robot (R)Evolutions

If you think today’s robots look closer to toasters, vacuum cleaners, or other appliances, then you better sit down. Have you wondered why we don’t have robots like Number Six, Data, C-3PO, or Rosie? But we do have them, some are close. There is more happening on the robot scene than [...]

Geeky Temptation: 16 Slick, Sick, or Stunning Workstations

With so much time spent in front a computer, your workstation becomes a big part of your life. Some people go for straight out luxury for work or play. Others people are more concerned with gaming or home theaters, while others need a space-saving workstation. Here are 16 high-tech workstations, or design concept workstations, to [...]

From Cool to Creepy: 40 Modern Day Sculptures (PICS)

Sculptures are an important form of public art which have morphed significantly over the centuries. They can be created from almost anything and often include found objects which were not designed for artistic purposes. Some sculptures are built from stone and are meant to be as permanent as possible. Others are made to be purposefully [...]

Hack This: Eerie Abandoned Roof & Tunnel Hacking [PICS]

Roof and tunnel hacking began at college campuses, but urban adventurers soon picked up their cameras and the explorers’ flag. Urban exploration includes abandoned places high above a city and far beneath it.These 105 images are a salute to roof topping and underground tunnel urban explorers across the globe.

Never Dare A Hacker

(image credits:wikipedia,mallix,Vanishing Point,Break,deadmind)
Like baiting [...]

Game Your Box: 40 Cool Gaming Console Case Mods

Gaming takes skill. Your gaming console is like your beloved baby. Whether you are an old school FPS frag fest master, a social gamer, or an achievement hunter, there is a gaming console mod to reflect your style. These are 40 of the coolest gaming case mods, most of which were made by hardcore gamers [...]