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Joshua Bell

(Slide Show) Orchestrating a Penthouse in New York for the Virtuoso Violinist

Arm&Crafts, a Playful Handmade Ceramic Set

The kitchen items which have hands and feet usually spooky and unrealistic. Arm&Crafts is a playful handmade ceramic set from KRASZNAI ceramics which is funny and cute, rather than frightening. The collection is made up by five pieces: Mug, Milk, Bowling, Vase and Bowl, each with their own unique design and we dare say personality. [...]

37 of the Best Tricks & Easter Egg Treasures

Easter egg hunts are normally for kids, but every day can be an Easter-egg hunt for kids of any age in software, DVDs, video-games, and even works of art. Google has an official Easter Eggs game page, if you want to play with a bunny and eggs. Their epic April Fool’s [...]

“Exuberant and Outrageous” Architecture: Casa Son Vida in Spain

Located near Palma de Mallorca, Spain, Casa Son Vida brakes the boundaries in matters of luxury and futuristic home approaches. The project comes from tec Architecture in collaboration with Amsterdam-based Marcel Wanders Studio, responsible for designing the interiors. This villa is said to be the first of the 6 planned luxury residences in this exclusive [...]

Impeccable Design and Architecture: Sotogrande House, by A-Cero Architects

No matter how much we try, we just can’t find anything wrong with this home. Might be just the abundant use of white, but it looks impeccable. Located in Cadiz, Spain, Sotogrande House is yet another success of A-cero Architects, a name which has in time become similar with high quality architecture. The project features [...]

House in Istanbul, A Modern Mixture of Styles

GAD, an architecture company with offices in New York, Istanbul and Bodrum completed an impressive renovation project in Beykoz, a suburb of Istanbul, Turkey. The BUAMA House belongs to a young couple who needed their home restructured. The plan was to insert a new living space in the already existing one. The results are amazing. [...]

Contemporary Loft with Original Twisted Furniture in Hamburg

GRAFT is an architecture and urban planning company founded in Los Angeles, USA, in 1998.  Loft Hamburg is one of the projects they recently completed for Vanessa Kullmann. It was meant as a private residence and it is currently worth $200,000. The place is a display of dramatic furniture and unexpected angles, a wonderful approach [...]

2 million more

In the West Australian today…

[From the West]
By 2050 Perth’s population is set to double. That is half a lifetime. 2300 more schools will be needed to sustain Western Australia’s education needs. All of this has been put within the context of Landcape and Design in Richard Weller’s book, Boomtown 2050, already.

As an Architect/Engineer/Designer/Creator, exciting times are ahead.

On another note, last week an article in The West highlighted that although we copped horrendous storms the dams in the hills missed out. Maybe its time to rethink our centralised water system. Can 2 million more people be sustained on our already stretched water supply? It is not going to rain more in 40 years.

Virtual Reality: Futuristic Tools for Virtual Worlds

Virtual reality,  much like the hovercar and living on the moon, is progressing slower than expected. Despite the fact that video game consoles don’t come with a full body suit yet, the technology has made some giant leaps in the past few years. Maybe it will just have to wait a few generations to catch [...]

Complex Apartment Design in Soho

As most of you already know, Soho is short for “South Houston” and refers to a neighborhood in Manhattan, New York .  This complex apartment design seems to counterweight the crazy and chaotic lifestyle of this particular USA region. The flat features an interesting terrace of  impressive dimensions, a place of relaxation and promising outdoor [...]