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Archives: 2010 February

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The Return of Nemours

Alfred I. Dupont’s 1910 Delaware Residence Emerges from a $39 Million Restoration

Bay Area Embrace

(Slide Show) An Asian Aesthetic Defines a High-Rise Apartment in Downtown San Francisco

Hot Wax: 13 Cool Candles To Light Your Fire

Wax candles went retro when Edison invented the light bulb, but don’t “bee” sad. We can still spark things up with some creative variations on the original long-lasting light source. These baker’s dozen of cool candles prove it doesn’t cost a fortune to buy a little flame.

Casa No Gere, Amazing Sustainable Home In The Middle Of Nature

Even though it is considered dangerous, there are many people who dream of a house in the middle of nature. Casa No Gere comes from architects Graça Correia and Roberto Ragazzi and is located in an unconventional environment. Deep in Portugal’s national park is where the owners wished to live and their request was honored [...]

Kube, A Practical Seating System from EOOS

We found these interesting looking chairs and we though something like this would be nice to have around in a large room for a home theater system. Elegant and functional, it could go well in a private home as well as in an office. We did some research and discovered that Kube comes from [...]

Mind-Blowing : The Future of Architectural Visualization

Traditional 3D visualization tools are limited to 2D display technology (computer monitors for instance). Zebra’s holographic images are unlike anything you have ever seen. The image literally “floats” in the air. You will be tempted to reach into the image with the expectation that you will touch the object being presented. You can move around [...]

Vectorial Elevation Vancouver: Telerobotic Art Installation

As beautiful as a display of fireworks can be, they’re passive: viewers are just viewers, rarely having a hand in the actual design of the show. But a project going on right now in Vancouver called Vectorial Elevation allows people around the world to light up the city’s sky with a customized light show, all [...]

Apartment Chalkboards : Creative or Messy?

Did you ever think of the possibility of drawing all over your furniture without no one getting annoyed? In this post we would like to gather your opinions on chalkboards as apartment embedded objects.  In the pictures that follow, you will see a lot of examples of blackboards being used as walls or even as [...]

Get Bricked: 31 Incredible Examples of Lego Architecture

If there’s one toy that can transcend cultural, age and geographical barriers, it’s Lego. The timeless toy has been enjoyed by children all over the world and from all walks of life. But it’s not just a child’s toy – Lego is a full-time hobby for plenty of adults, too. These impressive works of Lego [...]

Colorful Home and Work Studio : Maison NW

More and more homes these days have a color theme. We would like to show you Maison NW, a work studio located in Saint-Ouen, near Paris, but also a private colorful home. The huge workshop spreads over an area of 1,937 square feet and has three levels. Architect Nathalie Wolberg is the owner of this [...]