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Archives: 2009 December

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Bay Area Embrace

An Asian Aesthetic Defines a High-Rise Apartment in Downtown San Francisco

Classical Epiphany

New Life for a Once-Abandoned Medieval Property in Italy

Simply Sustainable

A 45th-Floor Aerie on the Upper West Side Goes Green

Wine Country Accord

A House and Winery Find Their Place in Napa Valley

Down & Dirty DIY: Humorous Low-Tech Hacks & Mods

Human ingenuity knows no bounds. We’ve been inventing and improvising since the dawn of time, and we’ll continue to do so as long as we have the will to survive and be comfortable. These projects show just how creative people can be – from mashing up unrelated items to make a supergadget to reinventing an [...]

Concept Motorcycles: 20 Bad-Ass Bikes To Hope For In 2010

Lean, mean and sometimes even green, concept motorcycles often make us want to head out on the highway and look for adventure. These bikes may not be quite ready to tear up the road as we zoom into the wind, but we wish they would move from concept to reality very soon! As we take [...]

The End of the Decade

With this post we finish up the first decade of the 21st century.

A decade of turbulence has passed; new wars have begun, some claim the world’s environment lays on the brink of destruction (or is it just another roust for more taxes? Not being wasteful and reducing consumer excess may be a better idea, not changing those excesses). New technologies such as BIM process are changing the nature of the building industry. There are too many to name. It really is the 21st century as some have speculated (except for the flying cars).

To finish off, I provide a link and reference to an online book, “Programs and manifestoes on 20th-century architecture” by Ulrich Conrads, click here to view. Which contemporary manifestoes and architects will still be memorable in ninety years?

Dead But Not Forgotten: 12 Incredible Creatures That Went Extinct

Animals have gone from being small and reptilian to large and furry, to gigantic and reptilian, on and on, in a cycle that left many creatures in the dust. Here are 12 of the most intriguing animal lines to hit a dead end.

Communication Art: 15 Awesome Posters About Design

Naturally, those who have the most to say about design are designers themselves. They sleep, eat and breathe design day after day, wrapped up in its principles and developing their own strong opinions about what’s effective and what isn’t. So it’s no surprise that they would express their thoughts about design through design itself. This [...]

Code Humour

As architects push deeper into the realm of scripting and code to inform design, nerd humour becomes funnier.

For all the coders out there, via OSNews