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WebUrbanist: Top 10 Urbtastic Articles of 2008

Worried you might have missed something from the world’s most popular urban publication? Have no fear, this article will guide you through the most popular WebUrbanist articles of the year, from terrific tree houses and and insane architectural geniuses to great street graffiti and fantastic transforming furniture. We will also direct you to some of [...]

21 Radical Rugs and Must-See Mat Designs

There has never been anything simple about rugs. Once the highest sign of ostentation and one of the standard units of international trade, the status of rugs has been hit hard in the age of uncritical mass-production - little more than something to wipe your feet on. But now? From relaxing rolling terrain to monsters [...]

10 questions. Series 1. - Andrew Murray, Student/Blogger

This is the first interview in a series.

Name: Andrew Murray
Short Description of Work: Website that attempts to showcase notable examples of Western Australian architecture.
Education: Bachelor of Environmental Design, UWA

1. Describe your style, as a friend would describe your work.

As a student my style is still developing but I am interested in economy over style and something that has links or references to the past. Some people might describe it as brutal, but hopefully still fun.

2. Recent work completed: written, drawn, or constructed. Can you provide a description or images?

Apart from the website, the last work I did was for my graduating semester with Peter Parkinson and Alina Iskenderian. The project was to put 3 houses on a 300sqm block. I explored resourceful use of materials and how the project would sit within the chosen site.

Design was to brick dimensions, and most surfaces left unfinished, face brick, unpolished concrete, brusque detailing and a lack of decoration.

3. Do you read Architectural press? Online, Hard Copy or both? Could you please list them?

Online I read DAU-Grain of salt. Hardcopy I read the Architect, AR, AA, Artichoke, Fabrications and Waltzing Moderne.

4. Could you suggest an article worth reading?

Not any recent articles come to mind. My favourite article, that completely changed my thinking as an architect, is “The Kronborg Clinic: The nether worlds of a dionysian disco” by Peta Carlin. It was published in Transition a long time ago. It is definitely worth a read.

5. Can you provide a link to an inspiring piece of design you’ve seen online recently? Local or Global.

6.  A company/person you’d most like to design for.

Edmond and Corrigan.

7.  Western Australian Architect you most admire. Dead or Alive.

Simon Anderson. He has done so much to promote West Australian architecture, and highlight examples that were often overlooked. His built work is equally amazing.

8.  In your opinion, best piece of Architecture in the last 10 years. Local or global.

The National Museum of Australia, A-R-M. Absolutely rewrote the book on how architecture can be practiced, experienced, read and discussed.  Amazing doesn’t quite cover it.

9.  Your intepretation of the public’s perception of Architects/Architecture in Perth.

I do not have much experience in this realm yet, but so far I tend to think that Architects in general are still under appreciated. Especially in Perth, there seems to be a mentality that Architects don’t really know what they are doing and the public could do better. That said there are a lot of people who genuinely believe in what Architects are doing and are willing to support them.

10. Any thoughts on the role of the 21st Century Architect?

I think the role generally of the architect in the 21st century should be to become more responsible. Building passive solar and material efficient (things which should have been standard a long time ago). In WA I think architects should also actively be looking to change the public perception of architecture, and to contribute to a healthy design community which is severely lacking at the moment. We need more open forums, information sharing etc.

wright feldhusen architects - project architecture series.

Perth Firm wrightfeldhusen Architects has had their website updated recently. Of note is an addition to the firm, the Project Architecture Series.

On offer are 3 (though more are to come) housing types designed for standard residential block sizes. The houses are characteristic of the wrightfeldhusen style, following ESD design principles and add-ons such as grey-water systems and photovoltaics.

[house a]

A quote from their website follows;

A new direction in Residential Architecture… for the client with a modest budget yet with a passion for architecture and building sustainability…

The program is to develop and offer a series of well considered and articulate studies of residential architecture that can be fully constructed for budgets ranging from $500,000 to $1,000,000. We will make available a series of pre designed houses that can be replicated and sited on a number of different properties yet will be environmentally appropriate for the uniqueness of its specific location.  

 [cosmetic clinic]

Other projects have been added to the site, notably the Cosmetic Clinic. This building in Subiaco received an A.I.A Commendation in the Western Australian awards 2007. Also added is the works in progress that includes photos and renders of works that will be completed over the next 2 years.

The Ultimate Banksy Art & Graffiti Gallery

Banksy is well known around the world in no small part due to his massive popularity online. Banksy art has made its way into all kinds of nooks and crannies on the internet but few collections are anything close to comprehensive (and in many cases are not even coherent). Most are difficult to navigate and [...]

Amazing Aquariums and Fish Tank Designs

(source: thailandbeach)
Fish are one of the most under-appreciated pets that one can own. Tell anyone that you have pet fish and they’ll ask you why you chose something so insanely boring. Well, as any fishkeeper will tell you, that is far from the truth. Not only are fish great pets that can recognize their owners, [...]

World’s Most Expensive Toilets and Washrooms

(source: miss_gruviera)
Ranging from thousands of dollars to millions of dollars, the following toilets aren’t necessarily comfortable, they aren’t necessarily beautiful, and they aren’t necessarily ones you can afford. For some reason or another they all exist and now you can learn a little more about them and perhaps be a feel a little envious in [...]

Happy Holidays!

Have a Wonderful Holiday and a Happy New Year!

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality, a concept where information can be fed to live footage in realtime. The above video shows the application of an Architectural model to a live feed using a plugin created for Sketchup.

Applications are in their development phase for the iPhone , and more information can be found on the wiki entry (click here) .

Beyond the “basics” demonstrated, some future applications are of serious interest;

  • Subscribable group-specific AR feeds. For example, a manager on a construction site could create and dock instructions including diagrams in specific locations on the site. The workers could refer to this feed of AR items as they work. Another example could be patrons at a public event subscribing to a feed of direction and information oriented AR items.

  • Enhanced media applications, like pseudo holographic virtual screens, virtual surround cinema, virtual ‘holodecks‘ (allowing computer-generated imagery to interact with live entertainers and audience)

  •  Virtual devices of all kinds, e.g. replacement of traditional screens, control panels, and entirely new applications impossible in “real” hardware, like 3D objects interactively changing their shape and appearance based on the current task or need.

Is this 50’s vintage?

I love this cardholder, I picked it up at the thrift store for $2.50. It fits with our “look” but is it 50’s vintage or newer?